Niskayuna, NY based nursing home Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center honors its exceptional Occupational Therapy Team.

Niskayuna, NY (April 2014) Occupational Therapy is a critical element of every skilled nursing facility, helping residents achieve independence in all facets of their lives. Trained occupational therapists assist in developing the “skills for the job of living” necessary for returning individuals to their lives before injury or illness.

There are various types of occupational therapies, focusing on various physical ailments, such as cognitive, orthopedic or neurological. Occupational therapists have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is on adapting the environment to fit the resident, with the resident being an integral part of the therapy team. It is occupational therapy’s purpose to get beyond the problems and to find solutions that assure living life to the fullest.

When working with an occupational therapist, strategies and modifications are customized for each resident to resolve problems, improve function, and support everyday living activities. Through these therapeutic approaches, occupational therapy helps residents design their lives, develop needed skills, adjust their environments and build health-promoting habits and routines that will allow them to thrive.

By taking the full picture into account—a person’s psychological, physical, emotional, and social makeup as well as their environment—occupational therapy assists residents to do the following:

  • Achieve goals
  • Function at the highest possible level
  • Concentrate on what matters most to them
  • Maintain or rebuild their independence
  • Participate in daily activities that they need or want to do

“Our rehabilitation program is as successful as it is largely due to our tremendously talented Occupational Therapists. They help our residents get better faster, providing them the quality of care they have come to expect from Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. This being Occupational Therapist Month, we salute our team and thank them for their service,” Jeff Ruso, Administrator at Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a unique and comprehensive rehabilitation center serving both the pediatric and geriatric populations. Located in the beautiful Mohawk Valley, at 1805 Providence Avenue, Niskayuna, NY, Pathways is a 112 bed facility, providing top-notch medical and rehabilitation treatment to individuals in need of sub acute care, those suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, Ventilator-dependent patients, and more. Pathways’ caring medical professionals provide customized individual care plans to ensure the highest quality of care to all of their patients. 

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