Niskayuna, NY based Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers important summer safety tips to senior citizens in honor of June 2014 National Safety Month.

Niskayuna, NY (June 2014) During the month of June, Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center observes National Safety Month and encourages others to raise awareness about crucial safety issues facing seniors in the summertime. Through educating the community, Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center aims to reduce the risk of heat stroke and other injuries and illnesses among the senior citizen population in the hot summer weather.

With the sunny summer months approaching, many community seniors face the risk of heat-induced illness such as sunburn, dehydration and heat exhaustion/stroke. Keeping this in mind, Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides a list of important rules to always keep in mind to stay healthy in the heat.

  • Drink lots of cold water, clear juices and other liquids that don’t contain alcohol or caffeine as these two can easily dehydrate you.
  • Do your best to remain indoors with the air conditioning on. If the temperature is in the 90s or higher and you don’t have an air conditioner, go somewhere that has one, such as a shopping mall, library, senior center or movie theater. Fans can’t provide enough cooling in such heat.
  • If you need to go outdoors, always wear sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15.
  • Wear loose, light-colored clothes and a wide-brimmed hat to keep your head and face cool. This will also provide added protection from damaging sun exposure. A hat should protect the neck, face and ears, helping you both stay cool and avoid sunburn. Being sunburned can also make it harder for your body to cool off.
  • Save your daily walk or outdoor activities for when the weather is cooler, such as when the sun is going down or before it comes up.
  • Take cooler showers than usual, or sponge baths when you’re feeling warm. Wet washcloths or towels with cool water and put them on your wrists, ankles, neck and under your armpits to help cool down.

“As the temperature continues to increase it is important to remember these precautionary tips,” said Jeff Ruso, Administrator at Pathways Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. “We at Pathways will continue to stress these summer safety rules throughout the summer, as the health and safety of our geriatric residents is our primary objective.”

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